Yes, I’m Pregnant. Please Stop Staring At My Belly Now.

Let’s just say a lot has been going on in my life lately, so much so, in fact, I am not entirely sure where to start. I think the best place to start would be with a piece of factual information. Fact – my husband and I don’t take things slowly!

A lot can change in one year (or should I say 6 months), in August last year I was working full-time, planning an overseas holiday and about to celebrate my first wedding anniversary. Fast forward 5 months and I am now working part-time, running an online business, recently added 6 more countries to my list of places traveled, about to renovate our house and I am also 3 months pregnant. Like I said, we don’t do things slowly.

So maybe I should start this all at the beginning, or should I say August.

As a qualified graphic designer, there are not many (if any) options for me to work locally in my town. I live about a 40-minute drive from our major city, and that’s in good traffic – peak hour traffic is another story – as is public transport. So the only option, to do what I love, is to commute about an hour each way to and from work. Luckily, I loved my job and the company I worked for, however, I felt like my weekdays were beginning to be a repetition of getting home from work, showering, eating and going to bed. My husband, on the other hand, is a teacher who works 5 minutes from home and can be home by 4pm. Are you starting to see the issue?! Work-life balance has always been very important to me, as it is for my husband. So when the opportunity arose I took the plunge… to not only take a step back and work part-time, but to also follow my passion and start-up my online business. The results – I am loving it! With the business being well received and the client base growing steadily, I also have heaps more time at home with my family (both husband and fur-children).

Which brings me to my next adventure – TRAVEL! I think anyone following my blog for awhile would have realised that my husband and I love to travel, actually, that is how we met, so needless to say our lives are lived around our next big travel plans. This last holiday was no exception – ICELAND. Iceland had been high on my list of MUST SEE destinations and I was super excited to tick it off. We wanted to travel there in the winter time and really experience this diverse land. Iceland did not leave us disappointed, allowing us to witness the first snow of the season, which meant we got to see both the stark, volcanic landscape as well as the sweeping white snowscape of our dreams. To be honest, I am not a travel writer, but a good friend of mine is and I think she sums up Iceland better than I ever could – What’s Iceland like in winter? Make sure to check out the rest of Bry from Discovering New Skies Iceland archives, she will leave you wanting more.

Surprise you’re pregnant! So let’s start with some more home truths – when you hear stories about how long it can take to get pregnant or you read articles about the fact that you’ve been on the pill for years and are over 30 that it will take you longer to fall pregnant – let me just say this is all irrelevant because everyone is different. My story was different and after spending the weekend away visiting my BFF, feeling nauseous the whole time and thinking I had eaten bad sushi, it occurred to me that I may, in fact, be pregnant – 3 months after going off the pill and still on an irregular cycle. One very confusing pregnancy test later (did you know that you can use up all the ink in the first positive line?!), and a visit to the doctors confirmed that I was, in fact, making both my parents and in-laws the happiest future grandparents around. Don’t get me wrong we were looking to start a family, but maybe not so fast and spending 3 weeks overseas suffering from morning sickness was also not on the plan. But alas, should I refer you to the fact I stated at the start – we don’t do things slowly.

Fast forward to the present day and I am now heading closer and closer towards the half-way mark of my pregnancy. I have a healthy bundle of joy (trouble?) growing inside me, and have successfully passed the “is she fat or pregnant?” stage of my earlier trimester. Hubby and I are in preparation mode, with our bedside filled with books and our spare room filled with baby clothes that everyone but us has purchased for the future arrival. It is surely an exciting time for us – bring on the next 5 months.

In closing, I think the only thing left to say is that in our fast-moving world, a fast moving life has been pretty great so far!

Founder of the Vintage at Heart blog – Kacey loves to share with you her journey through the ever-changing adventures of life as she explores motherhood, repurpose thrift store finds, and discover how to have a more sustainable home.


  1. Sharon Hankins
    March 6, 2017

    Congrats. Was lovely catching up with your happenings and all the best with your new business and new baby! From a fellow Brissie BizMum.

    1. Kacey
      March 8, 2017

      Thanks so much Sharon!! It has definitely been a busy time for us, but I am keen to get back into focusing on the blog 🙂


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