Winter is coming … time to rug up!

Winter is Coming!

It is one of the first truly cold weekends we have had here in Brisbane, as winter finally prepares to creep its head out from behind the sunshine. As I write this post I am sitting comfortably in my trackies (aka sweatpants), wearing warm socks, and wrapped in a knitted blanket – I am loving it! Winter is my favourite season, we really only get two seasons in Queensland, Summer and Winter, and our winters are very mild compared to those in the Northern Hemisphere.

Winter is Coming!

We are very dramatic about the cold here in Queensland, as soon as the temperature heads under 20 degrees we have our cardigans out. I know in other parts of the world the Winter is cold and wet, but our winters are cold, dry and sunny. Our nights are cold but our days can be full of sunshine, and even still get too warm to wear a jumpers on select days… in comparison our summers do drag on forever and it feels like there is no escape from the heat except to flock to the beach, which is probably why our winters are so welcomed when you start to feel it. With winter finally arriving, I am excited to get my winter clothes out of the cupboard and really enjoy the cool change. There is something wonderful about getting all rugged up on the couch wearing an oversized sweater, with a warm cup of tea or a bowl of warm stew in your hands that makes me truly happy.

Winter is Coming!

This year I will be enjoying two winters because in December Nick and I will be jetting off to Iceland and Europe for our very own White Christmas. I cannot wait, as I love the snow and I love the vibe of being able to celebrate Christmas surrounded by snow, cups of tea, fireplaces, and warm winter stockings. I have already started my winter shopping scoring some snow boots recently at the local thrift store (what are the chances of them being in my size, it was like they were waiting for me).  Aldi also had its famous Aldi Ski Sale where I secured some Merino thermal underwear and a waterproof jacket at a bargain price. We will be off chasing the Northern Light (Aurora Borealis) so make sure you are following me on Instagram so that you don’t miss a moment of the excitement, or subscribe to the blog for upcoming travel posts.

Winter is Coming!

I know my Northern friends are heading into their summer, and after a cold winter, I am sure their sentiment are possibly very similar to my own. First of June is only days away, and with it I look forward to welcoming the cooler weather. Bring on the tights, thick socks, and warm boots. Bring on the cold nights and warm hearty meals. Bring on all the tea I can consume. Bring on knitted blankets and Game of Thrones. Bring on Winter!

To all the Aussies reading this post… I hope you have a magical Winter, full of warm treats and nights cuddled up on the couch with a blanket and warm cuppa tea.

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6 thoughts on “Winter is coming … time to rug up!

  1. This post is exactly why I make a point of following bloggers from different parts of the world form me. Today, we’re celebrating the unofficial start of summer in the US while you’re hunkering down for winter. As much as I love the heat of summer, the coziness of winter is my absolute favorite thing ever. So I’m really looking forward to seeing your winter related posts to remind me to chill out (pun 100% intended) while I’m sweating up a storm in Chicago. I hope your winter is as magical as you want it to be.


    1. Thanks Dannie, I love hearing from people who love winter as much as me and who also love supporting fellow bloggers! Love your work, and I look forward to following your summer adventures. <3

  2. Oh I completely agree! Love my oversized knits, blankets and cups of tea! Sometimes I do miss proper winters but the warmth the Queensland sun gives us during the day, and those spectacular blue skies, makes winter my favourite season 🙂

  3. I’ve moved to Brissy from Auckland, NZ about a year ago and it still cracks me up that we get the cardigans out when it drops below 20. I was sat outside in a dress and cardi with bare legs today and my friend came around and was shocked that I wasn’t cold in 18 degrees! It makes me giggle. Great post & v jelly that you get two winters!

    Elese |

    1. Hahahaha Elese, we are such sooks I know! Actually the first time I went to NZ was in November and I nearly didn’t take a coat, good thing I did because Christchurch was FREEZING – in November!! Hahahaha. I really hope you enjoy the weather here and are enjoying Qld life <#

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