Vintage Eclectic Living Room Makeover (Child-Friendly)

Now that my husband and I are settling into parenthood, it is time to get back into our home renovation plans! We had started brainstorming ideas and had drawings done up at the end of last year, before we found out we were pregnant. We have had our house for 3 years now, which has gone so fast, and until recently our savings had gone towards our wedding and two overseas holidays. I am excited to finally start working on our house and begin turning it into our forever home.

We have a few areas of the house that are in desperate need of an update, our kitchen being one of those rooms. Our house is a 1940’s art deco so the rooms are all divided by walls that we cannot wait to open up, especially the current divide between our kitchen and dining room. This is where this post comes into play; once we remove this wall we are actually making the dining room into our new living room, creating a more family-friendly space. When all of our renovations are complete, our new living room will have access straight onto a brand new backyard deck, which will be the perfect outdoor space for the family as well as an entertainment area to enjoy with friends. I came across a few decking ideas and stumbled upon what Thomsons Outdoor Pine has to offer. They provide timber deck designs and construction for outdoor recreational spaces that will turn any backyard into a cozy space for lounging with our friends. Nothing says springtime in Queensland like having access to a beautiful backyard and enjoying those cool afternoon breezes. 

Eclectic Vintage Living Room Makeover. Updating home after renovation. !940's house Ipswich, Qld.

Planning my new living room space has been a wonderful creative outlet for me, I have enjoyed working out what works with what and building my vision board. The colours I have been working with, Navy, Blush and Mustard, are a mix of on-trend colours and classic vintage touches because we all know how much I love my vintage home decor inspirations. Also, true to my style, I have been working with a very eclectic combination of patterns and colour clashes to create the overall feel.

The thing I had to keep reminding myself was that I now needed to create a child-friendly space – goodbye beautiful glass-topped industrial coffee table and hello soft and cozy ottoman with added decorative mirrored tray. The couch I have chosen also has a removable cover, allowing me to clean it regularly. I did some research on this particular couch and found many mothers singing its praise all over the internet, who would have thought a white couch could be child-friendly.

The main feature of our new living room will be my brand new colourful floor rug (which is currently on its way to me in the post – EXCITED), this piece will allow me to create a defined space in our new living room/kitchen area, but also add some colour and modernism to our vintage home. The colours within this gorgeous rug will allow me to forever be changing my living room accessories and staying up to date with current colour trends.

Added to my living room renovation are items I cannot list below in my mood board because they are unique vintage pieces that I have sourced over the years, these items include two unique wooden arms chairs which I cannot wait to incorporate them into my design. I truly love it when new and old combine to create a vibrant and eclectic room. 

I will be sharing our renovations on the blog as we go, so please keep checking back for updates. 

Eclectic Vintage Living Room Makeover. Mood board and design inspiration. Child-friendly and budget friendly.

Evolve White Carnival Floor Rug | Handmade Macrame Bohemian Woven Wall Hanging
Succulents Lino PrintGLADOM Tray table – light yellow | H&M Mirrored tray
Ikea Ektorp Couch & Ottoman
| Big W House & Home Printed Cushion
 H&M Tasselled cushion cover | H&M Block-coloured cushion cover | Navy Knot Cushion Pillow


“Much of my home decorating inspiration has come from the wonderful book by Emma Blomfield called HOME. Not only is it a great read but it is also a beautiful table top decorative book.”


Although this post was written in collaboration with Thomsons Outdoor Pine, all opinions are my own.

Founder of the Vintage at Heart blog – Kacey loves to share with you her journey through the ever-changing adventures of life as she explores motherhood, repurpose thrift store finds, and discover how to have a more sustainable home.


  1. Jane
    October 16, 2017

    Love the plan for your living room, especially the floor rug. I’m actually doing a kid friendly makeover of our living room right now. Thinking of going with an Ikea couch too. 🙂

    1. Kacey
      October 17, 2017

      Oh I love it! The removable covers from the Ikea couches really do make them a mothers dream couch PLUS they have so many colours you can easily update a room just by buying a new cover. Ta Dah! 😀


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