Today I didn’t know what to post about…

Today I didn’t know what to post about… I have so many things I want to share with you all but I just cannot find a way to put it all into words. I hear about blogger’s writer’s block and I guess my turn has finally come. I want this blog to continue being fun for me and my audience, so I don’t want to force new posts, however, I didn’t want to leave you all without an inspirational post to start your week with.  So I decided to do a bit of a round-up of what I’ve been up to with decorating my eclectic vintage home. Instead of having something text-heavy, I’ve put together a visual story for you.

So… we got a FREE piano! It definitely needs restoring but look at the beautiful detail in the woodwork. The artworks where $2 each again from a local Op-shop and add a touch of colour and texture.

I love this piece of artwork, it is so unique. It’s made from coloured wool and was a second hand find for only $5.
The second frame was also an Op-shop find for $2,  which I have used to frame a wedding snap.

Love how the living room is slowly coming together, with all my new and old items. I still have a few finishing
touches to do but it is certainly feeling like home, or a Nanna’s home as my husband’s bestie puts it.

I love this chair, I walked into my favourite Op-shop to find this beauty waiting to be priced and put on the floor.
I  scored it for $20, and it sits proudly in our dining room!

My grandmothers mixing bowl sits pride and centre of my dining room table.
I made the decorative balls myself, to add a touch of colour to the piece.

This typewriter was a gift to my husband, he loves books and writing as much as me, and it now makes the perfect decoration on our art deco cabinets.

Do you have a home thats bit different or pieces you are proud of? I’d love to check out your inspirations, leave me a link below.

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8 thoughts on “Today I didn’t know what to post about…

  1. I love visual stories! Your beautiful home is looking so colourful and really coming together! I lack creative flair for colourful things in my life haha.

    1. Hahaha thanks April! I think it totally comes down to your personal style, I have such appreciation for the minimalist look. We went for a very neutral paint colours, because I know I cannot help myself when it comes to clashing colours and florals. You should see my wardrobe hahaha

    1. Thanks Kat! I feel it is really starting to all come together… I have been so lucky wit the pieces I have found and how they have all come together. Nothing I love better then finding a little hidden gem to re-love!

    1. Thanks so much Jess! Everything is really coming together, but mostly I love finding new treasures to incorporate into my home. Never ending fun!

  2. Love how you want to keep your writing fun! If we just blog for number or reactions we never do well… 😉 And round ups are always a ton of fun to see. Thanks for sharing them!

    1. Thanks Marissa! My blog is definitely a creative outlet for me, so keeping it fun is super important. I already have a full time job, I don’t want my blog to feel like on either. Really glad you loved the roundup 🙂

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