Formal Dress: How to look a million dollars on a budget

I have to admit something, I think I have my priorities all wrong when it comes to how much I am willing to pay for my fashion and how much I actually wear the items I purchase. You see, for everyday clothes, I am super tight and really don’t like paying much for an item […]

How to make a pin board from an old frame

Last week I kicked off my DIY: Office Space Makeover Series for July with a cute little craft project around upcycling an old t-shirt into a throw cushion, which was a great hit. This week’s post is following on the same theme. If you have followed my blog for awhile now you will realise I […]

How I furnished my living room for under $500

I definitely live a frugal life, and, to be honest, it is less need and more want. My husband and I both have really great jobs and earn a decent wage, but we choose to put our money towards the big ticket items, that for us, are more important than the material things. For example, in […]

How to accessorise with thrift store finds

Thrift store shopping (or op shopping as we call it in Australia) is definitely a fine art. You need to go shopping with an outcome in mind, or in search of something in particular. A lot of time and patience are needed to work your way through the collection of disorganised garments, messy shoe shelves and tangled […]

8 simple ways to a more sustainable lifestyle

Since we moved into our own house, I have been really trying to make simple choices around our everyday living that make my pollution imprint that little bit less. I give so much credit to those people out there that have metal straws and carry around their own takeaway container, and have said 100% no to plastic, but […]

Did someone say stripe?!

Is it just me or are you loving stripes at the moment? Black and white or navy and white I am not fussy, they all look so classy and really add that special something to any outfit. Last weekend I popped into my local thrift shop and picked up an AMAZING find – a Vintage button […]

Saturday Find: Vintage Blue Stripe Dress

I am sure you have well gathered from reading through my blog that I love to Op Shop (Thrift Shop to all the Americans). There is nothing better than discovering a hidden gems amongst the many disorganised racks of a thrifty op-shop. My lasted find, a Vintage Blue Stripe Dress, I found at one of […]

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