Saturday Find: Vintage Blue Stripe Dress

Sunday Find - Vintage Striped Dress

I am sure you have well gathered from reading through my blog that I love to Op Shop (Thrift Shop to all the Americans). There is nothing better than discovering a hidden gems amongst the many disorganised racks of a thrifty op-shop. My lasted find, a Vintage Blue Stripe Dress, I found at one of my favourite haunts.

I saw this amazing vintage Blue Stripe dress on the rack and had to try it, but was thrilled even more at how amazing it looked and felt when on. The icing on the cake was how much it cost me… $7! Yep, only $7. Although I appreciate higher end vintage shops and specialty op shops that have found the prized vintage possessions for you, I do still really love the thrill of the find (although I do LOVE Buffalo Exchange when I am in America).

This item I purchased from one of my favourite locations, Vinnies at Sumners Park (West Brisbane). This shop has yet to fail me and I normally leave with an armful of goodies.

Sunday Find - Vintage Striped Dress

Sunday Find - Vintage Striped Dress

Sunday Find - Vintage Striped Dress

Sunday Find - Vintage Striped Dress

Sunday Find - Vintage Striped Dress

 Novo Sandals ($15 Last Season Sales)
Vintage Handbag ($5 Salvation Army Bundamba)
Wool Felt Hat ($20 Trade Secret)
Floral Belt (Gifted from a friend)

What do you think of my Vintage Blue Stripe Dress find?
Please share below with me your own op-shop finds.

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12 thoughts on “Saturday Find: Vintage Blue Stripe Dress

    1. It was such a great find and the best surprise was when I put it on. Fit perfectly and looked better than on the rack! Morale is – try on everything! 🙂

    1. Hahaha I have been asked what an op shop is many times before – it means opportunity shop (aka charity shop). Which is why I always pop the term thrifted into my post or else the American’s would have no idea what I am taking about 🙂

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