Did someone say stripe?!

Is it just me or are you loving stripes at the moment? Black and white or navy and white I am not fussy, they all look so classy and really add that special something to any outfit. Last weekend I popped into my local thrift shop and picked up an AMAZING find – a Vintage button t’shirt with wide sleeves, and black and white stripes. There were two things I particularly loved about this shirt, firstly it reminded me of a dress that I had been eyeing off for a while from Clad & Cloth (pictured below), and secondly, it is so on-point with what’s in fashion at the moment.

In inspiration of my latest thrifted purchases and to celebrate the beginning of the Australian Autumn (where the weather is still as hot as a day in Summer) and the American Springtime, I have put together some in-between season fashion inspiration with stripes. These cute outfits are not only budget friendly but embrace the mixed season and can be warmed up with simply adding tights and a cute sweater, or let your skin embrace the warmth of the sun. Fashion Inspiration with Stripes – the Tortoiseshell Glasses budget friendly way! Enjoy lovelies.


Fashion Inspiration with Stripes

SHIRT – Thrifted from Local Vinnie
PANTS – Super Skinny Ankle Jeans
SHOES – Novo Fox Flats *SALE*

Fashion Inspiration with Stripes

BRACELET – Modcloth Baby Got Paperback Bracelet
DRESS –  Clad & Cloth Bib Dress 
SHOES – Thrifted Wittner Flats 

Fashion Inspiration with Stripes

SHIRT – H&M Jersey top
SKIRT –  Dangerfield Miranda Skirt  *SALE*
SHOES – Zomp Christian Di Riccio Amber  *SALE* 

Are you loving all the fashion inspiration with stripes
at the moment? What’s your favourite combo?

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30 thoughts on “Did someone say stripe?!

  1. Love these outfit suggestions. I also love stripes as theyre pretty simple and go with most things. thanks for the inspiration!

    1. I am in LOVE with those shoes and Wittner is my favourite brand by far. My Mum actually found the shoes for me – Wonder where I got my thriftiness from?! Thanks for stopping in Karin.

  2. I’m LOVING stripes at the moment! Just yesterday I was looking at my wardrobe thinking “how very nautical of me!” hahaha.

    Loving mixing thrifts with new fashion also, it’s getting harder and harder to find affordable fashion these days.

    1. So very true… and I feel what we are paying more for clothes but we aren’t seeing the return in quality. As my Dad says – “They don’t make things like they used to”. Glad to hear you are embracing the nautical April! πŸ™‚

    1. Hahaha… Me too Kyah! But as the weather gets warmer again I cannot wait to get back into my jeans and tights again… along with some striped inspirations. πŸ™‚

  3. I love this post Kacey – I have never been hugely into stripes but you have inspired me to give them a go! I also noticed a little upgrade to your blog – it’s looking so gorgeous! I’m in love.

    1. Thanks Margarita – I am really happy with how it is looking now. Feels more like the image I want to express! I cannot wait to see you rocking some stripes, they’d work so well with your minimalist and classic wardrobe <3

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