My No New Clothes Challenge: Setting the Rule

My "No New Clothes" Fashion Challenge.

Recently I was scrolling through eBay searching through my favourite brands when I stumbled across a Gorman Skirt, in my size and starting at a bargain price. What made this even more exciting was the fact that I had seen this exact skirt – the Pippy Cotton Skirt – only a few days earlier via the Gorman website (ie: it was the current season)! Needless to say, I put in a bid and won it for $17… I was ecstatic, especially when the skirt retailed at $189AUD.

After this bargain find and purchase, it got me thinking “hey, I can buy expensive designer items second-hand for the same price I’d pay for a fast fashion item”. I had actually read a blog post recently from my blogger crush Elise Larson from a Beautiful Mess and how she had set a fashion challenge for herself to purchase ONLY used/pre-owned/pre-loved clothing for the whole year. Yes, the whole year!! As a confessed bargain shopper I loved this concept, and I loved the challenge it created for me. Not only could shopping EXCLUSIVELY second-hand work in well with my passion for sustainability and vintage but it could also really help with the family budget. There was one catch, the year was nearly done so instead I set myself a challenge until the end of the year.

The first step I wanted to complete for myself was a complete Marie Kondo of my wardrobe. The best way to know what you need is to truly understand what you already have. I have actually been working on this challenge for myself behind the scenes for the last month, and have loved reinventing my existing pieces and wearing items I had long tucked away in the back of the wardrobe (and throwing out items that no longer bring me joy). 

With the stage now set to move forward in my challenge, it was time to set the rules and to post it here to keep myself accountable. 

The challenge:

Purchase no NEW clothes until 1 January 2020, 6 months in total.


  • Purchase no NEW clothes, whereas purchasing of second-hand/pre-loved items is acceptable.
  • Challenge excludes personal hygiene items such as underwear and bras.
  • If the justification is there for a new item, ie: clothing item has perished and/or unable to be purchased second hand, I must wait 2 weeks to purchase to make sure it is a necessary purchase.
  • Clothes swaps with friends and renting of items are allowed.
  • Gifts can be accepted, but obviously, no cheating allowed.


If you love this concept make sure to follow my adventures via my Instagram account @vintagekacey where I will be sharing my pre-loved finds and second-hand outfits with you all.


Want it new? Shop Here: Gorman Pippy Cotton Skirt 

Gorman Pippy Skirt

Gorman Pippy Skirt

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