My home is not like the others

One of these things is not like the others, One of these things just doesn’t belong… now that I have successfully gotten that song stuck in your head let’s talk home decor.
The other week I joined a Facebook Group about Home Decorating and considering I am in the process of renovating my first home I thought it would be a great way to source inspiration; and at first it was great. There were posts on up-cycling furniture, photos of beautiful rooms, home renovations, inspiration with Kmart items, and then more inspiration with Kmart item… but like a scene from the Stepford Wives movie everything started to get eerily the same. You see, I slowly started to realise all their houses looked the same, and that all their furniture was the same, their quilt covers were all the same. There was so much brass, and concrete and pastel that I started to feel discouraged looking around at my 1940’s built and vintage furnished house. It wasn’t as bright as the other homes, it wasn’t as pastel as the other homes, it didn’t seem as white as other homes. And it was then that I realised this wasn’t just happening on this Facebook Group but also on TV. I am currently addicted to the Nine Life channel and it sometimes breaks my heart when decorators start fixing/modernising homes that look like mine and take away what makes them unique to make them ‘sell-able” – it almost makes me want to cry.
It was in this moment that I had the realisation that my home wasn’t the same, but you know what, I loved how my house looked and I knew there would be others who felt the same way. So onto Pinterest I went. If Pinterest isn’t already your BFF, it should be. Not only is it an amazing source of inspiration, but it’s like that creepy neighbour who knows too much about what you are doing. And in this instance Pinterest knew what I was looking for and that was the word ECLECTIC.
My home was eclectic, and with that one simple word I had found others like me. I felt I was no longer alone in a Facebook Group of Stepford Wives, and there were people out there just like me who liked it when things clashed, or how their Grandmother’s old bowl looked on their dining room table, and how it was filled with handcrafted and vintage treasures found via Etsy’s home decor inspirations. They knew how to embrace dark wood, and how to not paint everything white. There were others like me and they were inspiring! They were mixing the old with the new and it looked AMAZING. (We all know I am just being dramatic, as I do love a touch of brass and pastel in my life and I totally appreciate and swoon over these home. But you know what? They aren’t really me).
So for all the ECLECTIC HOME DECOR LOVERS – This is for you!


Eclectic Home decorating - Decorating your home with a unique and eclectic Vintage style.

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28 thoughts on “My home is not like the others

  1. I love all this inspo! I am a huge Pinterest fiend as well, and I love seeing all the beautiful different houses. I never try and feel discouraged that I don’t have a ‘designer’ home – I have DIY’d so many things in my apartment and it’s unique to me. Cheers to quirky, interesting homes!


    1. Love it Margarita – Cheers to our quirky homes!! I do love my home and all its uniqueness as it reflect myself and my husband. Happy decorating! πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks so much Angelle! Sounds like we are both on the same page. Pinterest is AMAZING and offers so much inspiration, I am slowly working my way through each room of our new home and I am really enjoying myself.

      1. Do you go room by room? I keep skipping all over the place, a little here, a little there, back to here. Lol, I guess it’s how I work best.

    1. Oh I am so with you! I love something that has bit of history to it, and I am a big believer in that they don’t make things like they used to. Thanks so much for stopping by. πŸ™‚

    1. Glad I am not alone Jenn! A trend I can understand, but agree everything is getting ridiculously the same. I was watching 5 Day Flip yesterday and just loved that Cherie kept the dark wood and character in an old house, and even used dark wood in the kitchen. Everything is so white and modern on the other shows, was a nice change (and go the Aussie).

  2. I love this type of home decor. I am very funny about home decors… I rather like very clear white and simple home ideas or colourful like these ones (may be because I love colours). Thank you for sharing! Very inspiring.

    1. Thanks Ninz! I totally agree, my walls are a light taupe grey with a white trim which really leaves a nice blank canvas for me to create with. I love colours and pattern, anything unique really πŸ™‚

  3. Your home shouldn’t look like everyone else’s, it should look like YOURS! It should reflect who you are and what you like to live with! In the US right now, it is as if every home has to be a “farmhouse”. You know what? I don’t live on a farm! I live in a neighborhood. I don’t love on the coast either, but I live in a “coastal” style home and love the beach and my hubby and I sail, so we are decorating it with a coastal vibe with a little nautical accent thrown in!

  4. I found exactly what I was looking for. People who have a free spirited attitude toward decorating and quirky vintage style. I love my home so much. I’ve been working on it tiny bit by bit. It’s an older house and I actually grew up in it, which makes it that much more special. I’m so glad I found my way here. Now I need to start searching Facebook

  5. So love everything in your home. I have lots of furniture and other collectables given by my mother in law who has passed away and feel they tell a story about the era and also who owned them. I’ve been looking for inspiration for ages and you have given it to me. It’s lovely. Thank you!

    1. Yay!! So glad that I have helped inspire your style. I LOVE everything old with a story to it, and you have things from your mother in law around your home is a beautiful reminder of her memory. <3

  6. Wonderful inspiration, a home should take time and reflect who we are as people, not copied from others or stores. We are all unique and so our homes should be the same. No show homes for me, no matchy matchy but a relaxed lived in home that soothes your soul.

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