The magic of decorating with indoor plants

I have a very black thumb. It appears I cannot keep anything alive from cacti to Australian natives, which you would think with our climate, would survive anything. So you should all be a bit worried that I have decided to have a gamble decorating with indoor plants.
It’s a bit random but the reason I decided to get some indoor plants for our home was because of our Christmas tree – bear with me – the luscious green of the tree really livened up our living room and made the drab space more inviting. After we took down the tree in January (LATE January – Oops) I really felt like the room was needing something.
Purchasing our house just over a year ago, we have done a lot to it renovation wise but I am still working my way through and adding in all the little touches of personality that really make it a home. So, of course, I had to share with you all the magic of decorating with indoor plants and how effective adding small touches to your house can be in helping to create an inviting and homely space – Plus everyone loves a bit of inspiration in their life.
I will admit I did stand in Bunnings for a very long time staring blankly at the indoor plant area (after wandering around for 10 minutes trying to find the indoor plant area). I am pretty sure if we were in a cartoon, I would have had question marks floating above my head. Obviously, with my black thumb I needed to find something that didn’t need too much love and attention to survive, but that also visually suited my space. In the end, I walked out with two indoor plants!

Cordyline – Broad Leaf

I chose the Cordyline for my living room because I wanted something that would grow tall and fill a very blank space we had. And I must admit, I am so happy with how the Cordyline has filled the space. It has the most luscious green foliage and the leaves really sit proud and tall. This particular indoor plant is described as evergreen, requiring minimal water and light (but remember it is living so does need both). They can grow anywhere between 2-3 metres but can be shortened with trimming. I would definitely recommend the Cordyline for decorating with indoor plants, as I am really happy with how much it has transformed my space. I am doing my best to keep her alive (yes it’s a girl).

Ficus – Golden Princess

Now this gorgeous indoor plant is the reason I ended up with two, because I absolutely love the foliage on this one, despite the Ficus not having the height I was after. So my husband and I decided to get the Golden Princes Ficus and found a place for her (yes, another girl) in our dining room, and I am so glad we did as she looks amazing. The Ficus can actually grow quite large, up to 15 metres if planted in the ground but they are easily contained to a smaller size when potted. Again, they require minimal water and prefer to dry out completely between watering, and thrive in areas away from direct sunlight. The Ficus are ideal for decorative containers indoors and on balconies and patios – with ours placed near our sunroom doors.



You might notice from the images above that at this stage I still have the plants in their original black plastic pots from Bunnings. This is because I was doing some research on keeping plants alive (remember black thumb – I am trying). It was recommended that to minimise the stress of being relocated, you should allow the plants up to 3 weeks to become accustomed to their new surrounds and climate before stressing out the roots with re-potting. Makes sense to me so I am giving it a try. Also, my house is definitely not as abundant with water and correct temperatures as I am sure they are accustomed to.
Remember to read the direction on the plant tags, or ask the nursery stage for advice. I know with my two purchases above, that they both require different amounts of water and sunlight. So do your research, and take care of your investments. As these aren’t like any other home decoration, because these plants have the ability to give back and they will never go out of fashion, because who doesn’t love nature.
Please note: Most indoor plants are actually toxic to animals. The lady at Bunnings did inform me that the animal would have to eat a lot to get any sort of reaction but it won’t kill them (not my science so don’t quote me on this).


I am seriously in love with my two new plants. Not only do they make elegant home decor additions, but they also purify and revitalise the air, making your home a much healthier place to live in. I really feel they have brightened up our home, and would recommend to anyone needing to fill a space within their home or who have a room  that just has something missing. Indoor plants also come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours, so no matter your colour scheme or decorating inspiration, there will be a plant that suits your decorating needs.
Have you discovered the magic of decorating with indoor plants? Do you have a favourite, I’d love to be inspired. Please comment below.
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40 thoughts on “The magic of decorating with indoor plants

  1. I love having plants in my house! It makes it so much more homey and inviting. Plus, I grew up in Hawaii, so I was always surrounded by plants and having houseplants reminds me of home. Great photos, by the way!

    1. Thanks Jasmine! Maybe that is why I am loving on them also – I grew up in the country surrounded by green but bought a house in town. Any excuse I guess to feed a potential new addiction.

    1. Thank you, so glad you love my style! Feeling so proud 🙂
      My plants are still going strong and are actually looking great. I will need to re-pot them soon though, so hopefully they survive the move!

    1. I was concerned about my dogs with the plants too, but they have not been interested in them at all. But I think I can feel a plant obsession coming on! 🙂

  2. We have a huge vaulted ceiling where our 9′ tree was sitting. The tree only took up half the height of the space. I think you may be on to something here with the evergreen indoor trees. I’d love to find something that would improve the space, but can be moved out at Christmas – maybe to the bedroom or kitchen. Thank you for sharing!

    1. So glad to have been on inspiration for you Renee. I plan to move mine to the sun-room should I need the space back, as the sunlight will do them well (hopefully).

  3. I’m actually in the process of researching the easiest plants to keep alive for my home. Aloe Vera is about the only one I’ve done well with in the past. I also hear that bamboo is pretty easy and also brings luck to your home.

    1. I was also looking at the bamboo, well the bamboo palm which is supposed to be good with pets also. But I couldn’t find it at the nursery so went with the others. Good luck with your search 🙂

  4. Growing up I had a ton of plants in the house, my mom had a big green thumb. I miss them, but am just not as successful at growing them. Your pictures are so pretty, I may need to try again!!!!

  5. Love this post. I recently became a homeowner myself and I’ve been looking at plants to decorate inside my home that aren’t too hard to maintain and give life to my house!!

    1. Mine are officially surviving and I am the worst at keeping plants alive, so I can definitely recommend these two! Good luck with your home decorating. 🙂

  6. I have a weird relationship with plants. Either I do really really well with them and they thrive for years and almost become a pain in the butt because I have to [still] care for them after this long OR they die within the month and I’m off trying the latest plant trend. I love your indoor plants! They look super great and I hope they continue to thrive!


    1. I know what you mean… I have had a few and no matter howI give them love they just die. I am actually going to try and focus on getting my plants from the markets now instead of the chainstores as I feel they may be hardier (not living a life of aircon and content watering)? Worth a try, maybe 😉

  7. I have a poor wonky ficus that I liberated from my workplace – I too have the black thumb of death when it comes to plants but even I could see that the pot should’t be overflowing with water all the time (all the leaves falling off was the clue).

    3 of his 4 branches are now dead but the last one is thriving! I’ve renamed him Groot and he makes my living room a pleasure to be in

  8. Love indoor plants but I’m not a green thumb either! You have given me inspiration Kacey and as I live in south east Queensland your plant choice can be mine! Thank you! So glad I’ve discovered your site!

    1. Oh I am so glad you discovered my site also… do let me know how you go with your indoor plants. I have had some great successes with my indoor plants lately, and they really add that extra something to a home.

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