Creating a Toxin Free Kitchen for your Family

Norwex Toxin Free Kitchen Cleaning

After Arthur came out to me with a bottle of Easy Off BAM bathroom spray in his mouth, with multiple poisoning cautions on the label, I went into a panic and threw it and multiple cleaning products straight in the bin. It just so happened that this coincided with being introduced to Norwex by a friend.

Norwex focuses on “the power to clean without harmful chemicals” – exactly what I was looking for! And trust me it is worth its weight in gold… out went all those nasty chemical-filled products and I replaced them all with an EnviroCloth and water. And it worked!! Mums out there know what happens when a Chux cloth meets Spaghetti Bolognese spread from head to toe by a toddler attempting to eat dinner, it goes from cleaning them off to the bin. However, with my Norwex Travel Pack EnviroClothes I simply friction the cloth against itself under running warm water or for more a more soiled clothes I add a small drop of Norwex Dishwashing Liquid and again clean under warm running water, allowing me to use again before laundering. And yes, because of the BackLock technology in the Norwex products they actually don’t harbor nasty bacteria or germs so you can reuse for as long as you wish before washing and replacing with a new EnviroCloth.

Norwex EnviroCloth
Norwex EnviroCloth


And if you don’t believe me about the health advantage of the Norwex brand, maybe you will believe the Australian health system. I was unfortunate to be admitted to hospital a month or so ago and the lovely cleaning lady who came in to clean my room during my stay was using Norwex – I couldn’t believe it but I think that speaks volumes!! When I thought of it further I realised that you wouldn’t want to be using nasty toxin-filled cleaning products around sick young children and women in my ward.

I love the products so much that I signed up to be an online consultant – I won’t be doing parties or forcing the products down your throat – but myself, my family and my friends love the products so much I wanted to be able to easily share these amazing products with them and you (plus get sneaky direct access myself).

Kitchen Cloth - Saves time, money and the environment with chemical-free cleaning and no paper towels.
Norwex Microfibre Kitchen Cloths and Towels


If you don’t know where to start I recommend purchasing the EnviroCloth and seeing first hand the difference it makes in your life. An EnviroCloth costs $28.50AUD but when you think of the fact that it replaces your disinfectant sprays, window sprays, Chux/Dish cloths, paper towels and sponges you really are saving BIG! I don’t even go down the cleaning aisle at the store anymore because I don’t need to. Check out this great PDF outlining exactly how much you can SAVE!

If you have any question about these awesome products please feel free to message more or even if you would like to see the products in person yourself I can help point you in the right direction.


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