Valentine’s Day Gift ideas using the 5 Love Languages

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and it can mean many things to different people. Some treat the holiday with dread, for some it is a stressful time of not knowing what to buy or how seriously to celebrate the day and then there are those who treat it like it is a normal day. This […]

Finding Joy in Discouragement

Recently I have been really getting into Podcasts,  I know finally jumping on the bandwagon, as podcasts have really exploded in popularity over the last year. Not only are they inspirational and educational, but are also uplifting and make you feel like you want to be new BFF’s with the presenters (like Ana Faris new podcast). Even […]

Vintage Dress: Dear Gladys Everlasting Flower

If you have been following my blog for a few months now you will remember I did a post about Dear Gladys Boutique in Melbourne, and my recent purchase at their Black Friday sale. As promised I have finally taken some photos for you, to show you the beautiful dress I purchased (Did you guess my […]

Celebrating a Christmas Birthday – What it’s really like!

It’s that time of the year again. The shops are jammed packed with people organising their last minute Christmas shopping, getting a car park is a complicated feat let alone the crowd that awaits you inside. Everyone is rushing around attending Christmas work parties, or organising family dinners. Minds are filled with thoughts around, who […]

Vintage Geometric Midi Skirt from Buffalo Exchange

How adorable is this vintage geometric midi skirt from Buffalo Exchange in America!! I originally discovered Buffalo Exchange on my very first trip to America, and it was love at first shop. What is Buffalo Exchange I hear the Aussie’s ask, it is a fashion resale retailer that buys and resells used clothing. So think thrift shop but […]

7 Instagram accounts you should follow!

Who doesn’t love Instagram?! I am sure if you are like me you are pretty much addicted to following certain people, places or hashtags on Instagram. So today I have put together a few of my favourites to keep your feed looking fresh and full of creative inspirations. Next time you’re in the mood to scroll, […]

5 Tips to Survive Planning a Wedding

Planning a wedding is almost like having a second job. There is so much organising and thinking and scheduling going on that it really does take up almost every second thought (and weekends). I got engaged over Christmas 2014 and we recently got married in September 2015 (YAY!). So I did only have 9 months to […]

Saving the Planet: One toothbrush & Toilet roll at a time

Have you ever had that moment and gone ‘Wow, I go through a toothbrush roughly every 3 months and those babies are going to out live me”? It’s one of those things that you never do really think about too deeply, like outer space and how small we are, as it kinda freaks you out. […]

Impulse Purchase: Pineapple Handbag

I have to start by saying “look how cute this handbag is”, and when you read that comment your voice needs to sound as if talking to an infant. But in all seriousness, how could you walk past it?! Pineapples are definitely the new black. Say goodbye to seeing owls everywhere and embrace the awesomeness that is […]

Saturday Find: Vintage Blue Stripe Dress

I am sure you have well gathered from reading through my blog that I love to Op Shop (Thrift Shop to all the Americans). There is nothing better than discovering a hidden gems amongst the many disorganised racks of a thrifty op-shop. My lasted find, a Vintage Blue Stripe Dress, I found at one of […]

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