Marburg Country Show: The cutest little show around!

Marburg is a small country town situated around 50 minutes from Brisbane, and halfway between Toowoomba and Brisbane along the legendary coaching company Cobb & Co. route. The town’s two main streets are lined with beautifully restored heritage buildings including the former town bank now housing the Community Centre, the Rosewood Scrub Historical Museum, the Scotland Yard […]

How to get a longer vase life out of your fresh flowers

I love fresh flowers, there is something about fresh cut market flowers in my home that really brightens my day. I don’t know whether it is their fresh scent, or their bright colours, or maybe just the way they liven up a room, but they are a simple and effective home decorating essential and just plain […]

13 Unique ideas for a Stunning Wedding Day

I am at that stage in my life when all my friends are getting married, Nick and I got married in September and I feel everyone around me is starting to win the last seat in the game of musical chairs. Every wedding I have been to has been magical for the couple involved, they […]

Today I am grateful for …

I was very excited last week to receive my Circa Home Limited Edition Honeyflower & Sandalwood Classic Candle in the mail. I have a bit of a candle addiction emerging, along with my growing love of home decorating, and I just loved the beautiful clean style of the Circa Homes collection. Circa Homes believe in touching […]

Why I love wearing dresses!

Anyone who knows me well enough knows that I LIVE in dresses! They are my go-to fashion item no matter what the season – a cute floral dress can be teamed with sandals in summer, or tights and boots in winter and look totally adorable either way. The thing I love the most about a […]

8 simple ways to a more sustainable lifestyle

Since we moved into our own house, I have been really trying to make simple choices around our everyday living that make my pollution imprint that little bit less. I give so much credit to those people out there that have metal straws and carry around their own takeaway container, and have said 100% no to plastic, but […]

Today I didn’t know what to post about…

Today I didn’t know what to post about… I have so many things I want to share with you all but I just cannot find a way to put it all into words. I hear about blogger’s writer’s block and I guess my turn has finally come. I want this blog to continue being fun for me and my audience, […]

Did someone say stripe?!

Is it just me or are you loving stripes at the moment? Black and white or navy and white I am not fussy, they all look so classy and really add that special something to any outfit. Last weekend I popped into my local thrift shop and picked up an AMAZING find – a Vintage button […]

Healthy Banana & Oats Breakfast Bread

Banana bread is such an addiction of mine. I love it so much, but we all know it is not entirely the most nutritional or diet friendly breakfast there is as most recipes contain a large amount of sugar and butter to get that gorgeous sweet taste. However, I am really trying to be more mindful […]

Rafter & Rose: The cutest little cafe in town

My home town is currently becoming a bit of a cafe-haven. There seems to be a new cafe popping up on every corner, with the highest concentration of them is the newly revived Heritage Precinct. The top of town’s Heritage Precinct is seeing all the beautiful old buildings being revived with new and old shop owners embracing the […]

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