Chai Latte Tea Cupcakes with Cinnamon Frosting

This week’s post is a guest post and a yummy one from Sally at Sally’s Lifestyle Journal. Back in April Sally posted about the most delicious looking Earl Grey Cupcakes she had recently made on her blog – they were so inspiring I wanted to try out myself making a Chai Latte version. However, Sally beat me to it […]

Formal Dress: How to look a million dollars on a budget

I have to admit something, I think I have my priorities all wrong when it comes to how much I am willing to pay for my fashion and how much I actually wear the items I purchase. You see, for everyday clothes, I am super tight and really don’t like paying much for an item […]

12 hidden rewards of living a frugal lifestyle

The last few years my husband and I have been lucky enough to accomplish a lot together – we got married, bought a house, started renovating a house and traveled overseas (a lot). These things of course cost money, and because we are both impatient we didn’t space all these events out, instead cramming them […]

Buying your first home isn’t like on the lifestyle channel

Buying our first home didn’t go quite as smoothly as planned. Well, to be honest, we didn’t really plan much, mostly lots of dreaming and before we knew it we were buying a house. I think like most first time home buyers, you go into it thinking you are “just looking” for now and are […]

How I furnished my living room for under $500

I definitely live a frugal life, and, to be honest, it is less need and more want. My husband and I both have really great jobs and earn a decent wage, but we choose to put our money towards the big ticket items, that for us, are more important than the material things. For example, in […]

How to accessorise with thrift store finds

Thrift store shopping (or op shopping as we call it in Australia) is definitely a fine art. You need to go shopping with an outcome in mind, or in search of something in particular. A lot of time and patience are needed to work your way through the collection of disorganised garments, messy shoe shelves and tangled […]

7 Creative Entrepreneur Podcasts to Enrich and Inspire your week

Podcasts are becoming more and more popular, there is truly a podcast to suit any personality or hobby. I personally began listening to podcasts for inspiration, tips and advice for my blog, and to help encourage my dream of becoming a creative entrepreneur,  from there I have since broadened my playlist to cover graphic design, […]

Farm Nanna’s Easy Plain Scones Recipe

One of the greatest memories I have of my grandmother, or Farm Nanna as we used to call her, was her amazing cooking. Whenever we went to the farm to visit her and Farm Poppy she always put on a magnificent feast of corned beef, mashed potato and pumpkin, a mountain of vegetables and even […]

Winter is coming … time to rug up!

It is one of the first truly cold weekends we have had here in Brisbane, as winter finally prepares to creep its head out from behind the sunshine. As I write this post I am sitting comfortably in my trackies (aka sweatpants), wearing warm socks, and wrapped in a knitted blanket – I am loving […]

My Current Thrift Store “Wish List” Items

When I am looking through a magazine or online and see something that I would love for my home or would love to wear, my first reaction isn’t to go to their website or head to the local store but to go have a look at my local op shop or thrift store to see […]

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