Leather Laptop Bag from Thrifted Messenger Bag

I recently purchased a new Macbook Air, well not entirely new, it was actually purchased from Apple.com via their refurbished section (US Link & AU Link). Did you know you can get a refurbished MacBooks for a discounted price? I didn’t until I was researching my new purchase and stumbled across this section of the online […]

DIY: Office Space Makeover Series – FINAL REVEAL!

It’s here… the moment you have been waiting for! The final reveal of my home office space. If you have been following this series over the month of July, you would have seen the work-in-progress of my office space makeover as I brought you each week a different DIY project to help you update your […]

The creative way to give new life to an old desk

We are coming down to the business end of my DIY: Office Space Makeover Series, and with one week left to the final reveal, I am excited to share with you something truly beautiful – my new/old desk. This office desk was actually given to my husband and I when we first moved into our […]

How to make a pin board from an old frame

Last week I kicked off my DIY: Office Space Makeover Series for July with a cute little craft project around upcycling an old t-shirt into a throw cushion, which was a great hit. This week’s post is following on the same theme. If you have followed my blog for awhile now you will realise I […]

How to create a pom-pom cushion out of your favourite t-shirt

If you have been reading my blog for awhile now, you will realise I am not a big wearer of jeans. I basically live in dresses all year around, but this apparently still doesn’t stop me from buying cute t-shirts that I will never wear. I did come to a solution for this problem a few years […]

7 Creative Entrepreneur Podcasts to Enrich and Inspire your week

Podcasts are becoming more and more popular, there is truly a podcast to suit any personality or hobby. I personally began listening to podcasts for inspiration, tips and advice for my blog, and to help encourage my dream of becoming a creative entrepreneur,  from there I have since broadened my playlist to cover graphic design, […]

How to get a longer vase life out of your fresh flowers

I love fresh flowers, there is something about fresh cut market flowers in my home that really brightens my day. I don’t know whether it is their fresh scent, or their bright colours, or maybe just the way they liven up a room, but they are a simple and effective home decorating essential and just plain […]

DIY Shoe Rack Makeover

When we moved into our house, over a year ago, the one downside of our new investment was that there were no permanent wardrobes in the master bedroom.  We have since added free standing wardrobes which are working to fill the void, but the one thing that has been driving me mad is the shoe storage. […]

How I made my own wedding invites and saved

Anyone who has ever planned or been involved in a wedding knows how crazy expensive they are to organise. It is so easy for your budget to get out of control really quickly, as the multitude of growing needs for your dream wedding escalates. So when it came to my own wedding planning I really needed to look […]

How to Create a Blog and Stick with it

Creating a blog has been something I have started and stopped a number of times. Creating something that takes up so much time and passion had in the past been overlooked by other events and changes going on in my life – Not to mention a full-time job. I recently got married (YAY!) and went on […]

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