Healthy Banana & Oats Breakfast Bread

Healthy Banana & Oats Breakfast Bread - This delicious healthy vegan friendly Banan Bread is the perfect breakfast snack.

Banana bread is such an addiction of mine. I love it so much, but we all know it is not entirely the most nutritional or diet friendly breakfast there is as most recipes contain a large amount of sugar and butter to get that gorgeous sweet taste. However, I am really trying to be more mindful […]

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Rafter & Rose: The cutest little cafe in town

Rafter & Rose Cafe Ipswich - Cafe Review in Ipswich, QLD. Delicious menu items and great service. Highly recommend.

My home town is currently becoming a bit of a cafe-haven. There seems to be a new cafe popping up on every corner, with the highest concentration of them is the newly revived Heritage Precinct. The top of town’s Heritage Precinct is seeing all the beautiful old buildings being revived with new and old shop owners embracing the […]

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The magic of decorating with indoor plants

DECORATING WITH INDOOR PLANTS - Discover how easy and amazing indoor plants can transform a room. Indoor plants, home decor, cordyline, ficus, caring for indoor plants, yates indoor plants, home renovations

I have a very black thumb. It appears I cannot keep anything alive from cacti to Australian natives, which you would think with our climate, would survive anything. So you should all be a bit worried that I have decided to have a gamble decorating with indoor plants. It’s a bit random but the reason […]

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