Winter is coming … time to rug up!

Winter is Coming!

It is one of the first truly cold weekends we have had here in Brisbane, as winter finally prepares to creep its head out from behind the sunshine. As I write this post I am sitting comfortably in my trackies (aka sweatpants), wearing warm socks, and wrapped in a knitted blanket – I am loving […]

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Marburg Country Show: The cutest little show around!

Marburg Agricultural Show - Ipswich Council - Queensland. Part of the Great South East and by far the cutest town around.

Marburg is a small country town situated around 50 minutes from Brisbane, and halfway between Toowoomba and Brisbane along the legendary coaching company Cobb & Co. route. The town’s two main streets are lined with beautifully restored heritage buildings including the former town bank now housing the Community Centre, the Rosewood Scrub Historical Museum, the Scotland Yard […]

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Today I am grateful for …

Circa Home – Limited Edition Honeyflower & Sandalwood Collection. Today I am Grateful for ...

I was very excited last week to receive my Circa Home Limited Edition Honeyflower & Sandalwood Classic Candle in the mail. I have a bit of a candle addiction emerging, along with my growing love of home decorating, and I just loved the beautiful clean style of the Circa Homes collection. Circa Homes believe in touching […]

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DIY Shoe Rack Makeover

DIY Shoe Rack Makeover - The Reject Shop Hack

When we moved into our house, over a year ago, the one downside of our new investment was that there were no permanent wardrobes in the master bedroom.  We have since added free standing wardrobes which are working to fill the void, but the one thing that has been driving me mad is the shoe storage. […]

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Today I didn’t know what to post about…

Today I didn’t know what to post about… I have so many things I want to share with you all but I just cannot find a way to put it all into words. I hear about blogger’s writer’s block and I guess my turn has finally come. I want this blog to continue being fun for me and my audience, […]

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My home is not like the others

Eclectic Home decorating - Decorating your home with a unique and eclectic Vintage style.

One of these things is not like the others, One of these things just doesn’t belong… now that I have successfully gotten that song stuck in your head let’s talk home decor.   The other week I joined a Facebook Group about Home Decorating and considering I am in the process of renovating my first home I thought it would be a […]

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